July 18, 2019
7 months and 3 days since
our celebration.

Are You Ready For Boston?!?!

We are ready for YOU!

Welcome to the 2019 Darley-Edwards Family Reunion website. We are SO EXCITED to be hosting our beautiful family in Boston this year and would like to start building and sharing that excitement right here on this site. 

Please take some time and explore the pages tabbed on the left side. Start with an
RSVP so you can let us know you are coming! Please RSVP for your household including partners, children and guests. Then you can head to the Family tab and create your profile. We are hoping that children who are 16 and older will create their own profiles so that family can connect to them individually (however younger children can have profiles too). Make sure to add your favorite selfie to your profile =). Next you should head to the Buy Tickets tab to secure your spot for the reunion. There are several options on this page for both adult and child tickets as well as t-shirt order optons. Make sure to check out the Travelers tab for information on where to stay and what to do. We have arranged for group blocks at a few different hotels so you have some options to chose from. 

We hope this site can be interactive and used leading up to and even after our reunion to help keep our family connected! Reunions shouldn't be the only time families connect after all. We will have blog posts, polls, quizzes for prizes and much more. You can also upload pictures here to share with everyone. 

We hope you enjoy the site and are excited for our 2019 reunion. If you have any questions about anything along the way please reach out to our Boston team or your state rep:

Boston Group:
Marilyn (O'Brien) Forman: 617-901-9658
Cheryl (O'Brien) Lowe: 781-401-0817
Nichelle Farrell-Edwards: 617-980-4018
Kashawnii O'Brien: 617-510-0466 (teen)
Nicquela Roach: 617-980-4665 (teen)

Lisa Burch-Harney: 443-829-2674

New York:
Monica Francis: 646-664-5928

Alphonse Bryan: 914-282-6140

*For any site issues or hotel booking issues please contact Sherri Lowe at 617-980-6659 or email BostonFamilyReunion.2019@gmail.com*

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